There are many different styles of music and within all these styles of music are different sub-genres, artists and blending of styles. Minus Kelvin has a music style all his own. It can not be classified into one genre, but multiple. Before I dive into the style of Minus Kelvin, many of you may be wondering who he is. There is not a whole lot to be known about this artist, only that he is a physics and calculus teacher and enjoys kayak voyages with his ipod. Also, he writes music for projects in video and film. 

At first listen, Minus Kelvin’s music is electronic, with a very atmospheric presence. A lot of his music is something you can fall asleep or meditate too. It is very relaxing, probably not something you would want to listen to while driving in your car late at night for fear of dosing off, but great to listen to otherwise. His involvement with film and other similar productions reflect this very slow, calming trance-like music. It can be used for setting moods for dramatic or sensual scenes in films, and other video productions. 

His other pieces of music blend genres as well, but may contain classical or hip-hop elements. Some pieces involve violins while others orchestrate drum machines using odd rhythms and time signatures. Interesting to listen to, especially as most, if not all, of his music lacks any dissonance at all, at least in the sense that it is not out of place. The music flows together harmonically, even if it is chaotically organized. This can be a challenging task for many musicians, even experienced musicians. Creating pleasing, emotion-provoking music makes a true musician.

Now let’s talk about how music effects business. Many business’s including restaurants, gas stations and department stores incorporate music. Some may use music as a form of expression, or to set the theme of an establishment. Others may use music to help direct a shoppers actions, i.e. move faster or slow down. Consumers in retail stores are more often to stay longer if the music is appreciable; this is good for business. Let’s look now into how Minus Kelvin’s music fits into a scenario such as this.

If we were to use an atmospheric Minus Kelvin song, like I talked about earlier, it may have an appropriate appeal in a new wave nightclub or perhaps a martini bar. A place that the patrons are younger and more adept to electronic music, without being too over the top. Minus Kelvin’s more classical themed music could be used with an older or younger crowd in a similar venue. The older patrons will enjoy the violins and the younger patrons may enjoy the violins, but also the experimentalism of the piece.

Minus Kelvin’s hip-hop themed pieces, and similar faster paced songs, would be fitting in a retail store selling items appealing to kids with an urban upbringing who are perhaps up to date with pop culture, and are open to another form of the music that they can appreciate. Perhaps these pieces may also be beneficial to festivals or local events depending on the demographic.

To sum it up, Minus Kelvin is unique artist, with unique abilities to evoke the right emotions and moods to the right people at the right time. If you have a chance, be sure to check out some of his pieces and be sure to go in with an open mind.