Last week, the UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) / Counter UAS Industry Day inaugural event took place in Virginia Beach, VA. It was held for select members of the Government and Military by ADS Inc. (@ADSTactical on Twitter). The technology shown at the event were what are known as Unmanned Aerial Systems. These flying machines can be drones but can be far more advanced and capable than a standard drone. Most of these craft serve a purpose and are most useful law enforcement, military, and government contractors.

Just over half a dozen companies that specialize in the field of Unmanned Aerial Systems and Counter UAS technologies displayed some of the latest tools of the trade. Namely, industry-leading companies like Aeryon Labs, MyDefence, Lockheed Martin, Batelle, Rohde & Schwarz, AeroVironment, Dedrone and FLIR were participants.
One of the big staples in the aerial surveillance industry is the drone, which can be used recreationally or for official government or miltary purposes. There was one displayed at the event that can fly up to speeds of 50 kilometers per hour and maintain a stable position and winds up to 90 KPH. It can also read the license plate at ranges up to 1,500 meters.

Besides quality flight operating systems, there are also drone detection systems that premiered at this event In the form of a radio frequency detection unit. One shown operates with a 60 degree radius and a range of 1,000 meters.

However, it was not just UAS technologies themselves on display at this event. In fact accessories like the Kevlar carrying cases for a quadcopter were a hit as well.

Other notable groundbreaking products shown were hand-held directional jammers which can break up the signal between a drone and is controller from up to 400 meters away. Overall, it looks as the UAS industry is taking off (no pun intended) and we will likely be seeing more of these devices in the skies soon.