With so many awesome new things to see at the SHOT Show 2018 in Las Vegas, you may have missed some of the best things featured by ADS. Covered here, you can see for yourself why ADS is such an awarded and decorated company serving those who serve us. So, what did you miss? Let’s take a look.

Sarcos Guardian S

The Sarcos Guardian S is not only a cost-effective inspection and surveillance tool, but one of the best new tools to have in combat. It is portable, able to be carried by just one person at around 16 pounds, yet it is still fully capable of everything the team needs. Communicate with voice, video, and data in real-time from a safe distance, keeping the team away from harm. Featured at the ADS booth, the Sarcos Guardian S robot was able to navigate rough terrain easily while performing all the functions it was made for.

ADAPTIV Fight Suit

The ADAPTIV Fight Suit, presented by LBT, was shown in conjunction with K-9 tactics right at the ADS booth. Featuring accessories that propel this fight suit to the forefront of combat fighting technology, training has never been easier or more crucial to being prepared for real-life situations and the ADAPTIV fight suit stresses that importance.

L-3 Insight Technology

Visitors to the ADS booth at SHOT Show 2018 in Las Vegas were able to try out the L-3 Insight Technology for themselves in ADS’s very own dark room. With googles featuring dual-tube white phosphorus, those who found themselves in the dark room were surprised to see just how unique this technology is when testing depth perception and eye focus in such limited light conditions.

Combat Casualty Care

Unfortunately, combat medical care is a necessity. However, because of the advances in Prolonged Field Care (PFC), the level of care that can be found in combat until a patient can be safely transported to a more appropriate level rapidly developing. At the ADS booth at SHOT Show 2018, Strategic Operations Inc simulated a PFC situation that showed these advances.

Who is ADS?

ADS Inc has been helping the people and agencies who protect us and our freedoms for 20 years. As the 35th largest Department of Defense contractor, they are poised to offer innovative new products that allow those agencies to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. They approach their role as a provider of innovative new products with commitment and initiative. With a strong drive, a positive attitude, and a strong ethic of accountability, you won’t find ADS shy about the work they do. Find them on Twitter and Facebook