Katabat’s addition of 2-way SMS to its sophisticated customer management platform has worked wonders in a tremendous way for the company’s many users.

2-way SMS is Katabat’s newest product in the market, and it involves both outbound and inbound SMS, doing a complete-featured service for the clients. Our clients include mid-sized and big companies that have a good number of customers that they need to reach out to engage with them in a bid to offer excellent services and create a high bond and public profile. A dedicated number is used for every organization that subscribes to this to facilitate the whole process. Users being the clients can send and receive SMS via a web messaging platform that utilizes complete solutions.

The messaging is done using virtual mobile numbers. The emanating difference between the two numbers is the length of the numbers. Virtual mobile numbers resemble standard phone numbers, and short-codes maintain a 3 to 6 digits count thus making them easy to recall. One explainable and straightforward regulation happens to be that the short-codes are only used at the national level. This means that it is not likely that a particular individual would use a short-code. It is possible that it works on an international level, but the cataract would emanate from different regulations stipulated in every country.

Formerly known as CredAgility, the Katabat platform has been able to thrive in an environment of fast growth development and as a single collections platform has given an opportunity to enhance strategies at very significant low costs. Katabat is keen to ensure that its clients get to meet the standards set by the growing technology in the world. We are proud to see that all our continuous efforts in fulfilling other businesses dreams and focus on expectations are marred with great success. In this instance, we grow together and get to create our standards that others can follow.

Intensive research has confirmed that the mode of 2-way SMS has its coverage in over 50 countries in the world. Adopting this form of communication will put away the occasional emails that are sent to customers. Emails may take a while before they are read, and that means delayed or no feedback. Many reasons exist as to why two-way text messaging should take toll of the market since the thought of it evidences its success.