Minus Kelvin works his day job as a calculus and physics teacher. Besides what he has chosen as his day time career path, Minus Kelvin is also a commission working musical artist. To be even more specific, he is an e-musical artist that works alongside companies to better their advertising needs through the use of original music. Minus Kelvin has a wide variety of musical types, ranging from classical inspired to alternative worldly beats.

The Minus Kelvin’s blog has been around since 2004, which is host to numerous links including podcast and updates on projects. It can be considered one of the first musical blogs created in order to chronicle an individual’s musical journey through the internet. There are numerous posts that can also help up and coming artists get a better feel on how to approach their own musical careers as an independent artist.

Hiring a freelance professional, such as Minus Kelvin, for all your advertisement needs can greatly increase business. It’s a fact that customers react well to music, as long as it sounds good and sounds like something that can relate to the type of business it is representing. The truth of the matter is that certain songs can be attributed to certain companies, meaning that when someone hears a particular melody, they tend to associate it to a company that used it in their advertisements. This can be on the radio, television, or even through online advertisements hosted on video viewing sites or on purchased ad sections of a website.

There are numerous benefits for using music in your business, in order to attract more business. Music can either make or break an atmosphere, that much cannot be denied. If the music is seen as likable by enough people, then it can help influence the customer’s behavior. There being a positive sound to a company’s chosen music, versus a negative one, can leave a lasting impact on potential customers. When done correctly, music can not only attract a customer’s attention, but it may also convince them to stay longer – inevitably leading to more possibilities in sales or even recurring business. It’s true that once a customer enjoys a company’s certain atmosphere, then they’re likely to come back for more business in the future. It is through methods, such as these, that regular customers are made.

Besides looking out for the customer and keeping their interests in mind, good music can also be appreciated by the employees of a company. When music is played throughout a store, for example, employee morale may be boosted. This is taking into account the possibility that it is a fresh, new song, or one that a wide variety of people can actually enjoy. This in turn can increase staff productivity. There have been many polls made with companies, where the staff were asked if they prefer silence over music. Usually, the popularity tips towards the latter, as it can really help a long work day go by faster with music.