Minus Kelvin is a new musical sensation. He was discovered on a music podcast called ccMixter in 2005. Minus Kelvin’s day job is teaching calculus and physics. But at night he produces innovative music mixes and contributes them to ccMixer. He has since been signed by Runoff Records, Inc. For at least the next three seasons Minus Kelvin’s music can be heard on America’s Next Top Model. The e-music composed by this California techno-genius has been described as inventive and sophisticated. He is able to take inspiration from every day activities and conversations and transform it into incredible music.

According to notes on his blog, he rarely writes music you can dance to. However, he create a wide variety of music. Some of it jazzy, some funky, some contain fat beats and interesting melodies while others are an eclectic mix of ambient sounds, hip hop flavors, classical music, and an experimental compilation of humor, spoken word, synthesizers, orchestral violin, brass, drums, electronic music, male and female vocals, guitars, synthesizers, techno, and trumpets. He also meshes media, breakcore, drill, and an experimental mash of synthesizer pop. 

Some of the most popular songs on Minus Kelvin’s music blog include evocative titles like Taken for Granted, Washing A Load, Tupelo, I Unknitted It Broken, and Corkys Enlightenment. Songs like Sample, State of the Union, Insane Dad, Everyday People, Sound From Our Souls, Cuckoo (The Universe Mix), It’s Flowers In January and Below (The Belt Mix) just flow from his mind. Many of his songs are remixes. Listen closely to his songs like 24 hours ago, The Three Kings, and Christmas Time Is Here and you’ll hear hints of their origins. 

Some of these songs were created strictly for fun while others were designed as entries into remix and other types of competitions. Minus Kelvin has also compiled some of his best work to send out to record labels. One of the great things about Minus Kelvin is his greatest joy comes from knowing visitors to his blog enjoy his creations. Plus he welcomes feedback. It’s one of the things which motivate him to continue to create experimental, cutting-edge music. That and watching TV shows about alien abductions. They move him to make pieces that are sometimes dark and brooding or soulful, happy, and light.

Looking for a piece of music with some interesting textures? Visit his blog. While you may not like everything he creates, you are sure to find some ditties that match or change your mood, make you want to cut a step or put a smile on your face. It’s music you can do anything to. It’s experimental, but it also displays good structural development. According to Minus Kelvin, this is one of the greatest challenges he faces when composing new music. But the world is his muse and just about anything gets his creative juices flowing and moves him to fill the void with expansive chords and melodies. 

Minus Kelvin combines calculus, physics, ambient sounds, old and new music, and inspiration from the world around him into a powerful chemical mix that can make you laugh, cry, dance, or simply relax. He represents the future of music. His innovative creations fill the universe and make the world sing. Listen out for an album of his most popular blog music.