This teacher of physics and calculus turns music composer at night and has a knack for music that is meant for people who are working on film and video. His music is proudly displayed on his iPod which does not leave his side no matter where he goes. With the custom writing on it that declares to the world that `music is worth it’ the metal backing of his iPod spells out his love of music to the world. 

For a while now Minus Kelvin has been making standard contributions to the ccmixter, something he plans on keeping on American Next Top Model. His music is featured in the current history of digital media and he composes at least two songs every week for the last several years. His songs primarily are about diverse topics of life with no sequence or order rather appears as thoughts that cross his mind and which he converts to music.

Minus Kelvin writes music of the freak-yo-mind genre and anything that pops into his mind as he goes about his life is easily turned into song. Instruments such as the harp feature in the music in which he incorporates ideals from others. He has sang about the internet talking about the history from the time that the world wide web was first launched through all the phases of development and the impact that it has had on the way that news is related and presented in present day. 

The songs are rather informative on the evolving of the internet and they are supported with facts and even the date that the detailed events took place. Listening to this music is like taking a factual journey about one of the most interesting invention in the world. You can tell that the music is meant to bring to fore the effect that technology has had on mankind going back from the way that it all begun. Careers have been changed as people the world over easily access news and information on the World Wide Web.

Music is a great tool for use in a business since it can be used to relay a message clearly and conveniently to the target audience. It has been used in many instances to bring to the fore the core of a business by creating awareness of its very existence in the first place. When well utilized music can effectively be used to communicate what a business would like the world to know therefore acting as a powerful marketing tool to it. 

It is no wonder that most businesses the world over turn to the use of music to be able to pass across a message. It is a known fact that most people would rather listen to a song about a product than sit up reading a write up and also the words that are communicated through music tend to last longer in the mind of the listener. No wonder then that businesses the world over turn to music when there is a message that they need to tell the world. 

The blending together of instruments which is what makes music interesting to listen to is what has made the likes of Minus Kelvin popular in music. Having learned about the art of passing across a message in a relaxing manner is what has made him one of the most popular music gurus of the time.